Why do we love memes? : The new social media miracle

Memes are everywhere and they go viral very quickly. If you think about it, you will see that there are memes from every area of society. From politics to anime to real-life situations to a statement of a generic person. Memes are great conversation starters.

They create a sense of social connection. Nowadays to engage in conversations with a group of people or just one specific person, people use memes. Meme has the power to make anyone feel relatable to a situation. On the basis of science, memes are nothing but social categorization encyclopedia.

Now, let’s discuss what is that?
Let’s think of it in this way, when we see a meme it is usually related to a social scenario or situation. If we haven’t been in the same situation we might not relate to the meme BUT when the next time we encounter the situation or something similar, we subconsciously react the same way as the meme.

Memes have evolved into a language. Memes cannot only be described as a simple graphic format to laugh at anymore. They are a social miracle and we all are a part of it.